What are Dependencies and How to Add Them to a Project

I see this thing, Dependencies in the Designer, and these look like units of code/database/functionality, but I just can’t seem to see how to add one or more of these to my project. Looking for a clue, TIA.

Update: Found mention of Dependencies in the Console, but it only gave me my own apps as the options. I know that I saw a list somewhere that had some pre-built functionality. I seem to remember something like user management and auth, maybe something related to accounting.

What you’ve found in the console is what is available.
Dependencies allow you to break an app down into smaller components.
It’s useful if you’re building multiple apps or services and want to share functionality.

I think you’re referring to “core” or some other built in dependencies. Core is automatically added to all apps, there’s no way to remove it since it includes things like “Account” that’s needed to support login/registration etc.

I am not sure which dependency includes accounting related features, if you saw it in a screenshot, it may have been from someone’s app?