Nocode and collection


how i can add in collection a list of element?

Example…a form with user data in a specific table

Cn i do it in nocode?

Hi @dc.colonnello, yes you can do this.
You can use the logic builder to run a query to get your list of objects.

You can then use the logic builder to do this

In the above example it breaks down like this:

  1. The green block in the example sends a query to Hypi find your data (in this example, it finds images). The pink/redish inner block selects the fields you want to get from the server. So in this case we take the image name, file name and path
  2. The results of the query from the green block is stored in a variable called “images” so that we can use it later.
  3. We use the “Set” block to create an empty list called “items” that we will put our image widgets into
  4. We use the “for-each” block to loop over the “images” variable that we stored the results into in step 1 and for each image in the list of images, we create an “image” variable so we can work with the individual image
  5. Inside the for-each use the “Add” block to add a new component at the end of our “items” list.
  6. Inside the “Add” block block, we create a component and set the data property of a text field in that component to the image path (normally your component would have an image widget so you would set the URL instead) but for this example I just put a text
  7. I used the “JSON” block to get the url.path from the image that was return from the server
  8. Finally, we set the children of a “Column” widget

The program above would get a collection of images and display them in a list from top to bottom.