No-code way to create an account

Here is a no-code way to create an account on Hypi’s lowcode backend.

The logic above demonstrates createAccount mutation.

Here is the logic of the flow.

  • When the Create Account button is pressed, the createAccount mutation will get executed.
  • createAccount needs scalar input like a username. Here username has been hardcoded using Constant block. But the value of the username can be read from a textfield where the user will provide the username input.
  • createAccount also has a Password object input. Hence, a Password object with scalar input value has been provided. Again value has been hardcoded for simplicity. The user will provide the input in a textfield.
  • The output of the mutation i.e. id field has been used. You can also choose other fields from the hypi object.
  • You can check in Console that Account was created with the press of a Button. Use the find query to search the newly created account.
  • An app can create accounts without an authorization token. If you get an unauthorized error, then enable anonymous registration in the console
    The two cases are:
  1. If your app is invite only and arbitrary people cannot register themselves, then keep anonymous registration disabled
  2. If your app is open to anyone to register, then enable anonymous registration and then a token will not be required to create an account.
    By default, apps allow anonymous registration.

This is a brief explanation of how the logic would work. Just try to create an account no-code way!

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