Is understanding GraphQL essential to use Hypi's low code platform?

We will start with the question-answer format from this post…

The first question is:
Is understanding GraphQL essential to use Hypi’s low code platform?

It is not essential to know GraphQL. But, it is nice to have an understanding of GraphQL. Our documentation provides the overview of the GraphQL.

We welcome questions from your side as well…
So, put on your thinking caps and let the questions roll!

Hey! Question : If I have a Postgres schema (database), is there a way to import the structure and maybe the data easily to Hypi’s database?

Hi, unfortunately not. You can connect to a Postgres server from serverless function but Hypi wouldn’t import your schema or understand it.

Hey Courtney, Thanks.
I have an application where an API returns some 40 fields about a business, and I don’t know which of them could be important. Any kind of schema import would be really welcome.

@kencohere I understand the benefit that would have. We have this on the roadmap but to set expectations I don’t see us getting to this before Q4 23 or Q1 24 as we’re focused primarily right now on making our no-code editor as user friendly and easy to use as possible and the roadmap prioritises features that support that goal.

Are you in a position to use Hypi as the storage provider as well or you need to retain the external Postgres?

FYI we will have a Postgres offering available some time in late Q3 23. It will allow you to connect using standard Postgres clients and run SQL as if using Postgres but it won’t be 100% compatible as it’s not actually Postgres on the backend…would that work for you? If so we can offer early access when it becomes available?

I am about as tech agnostic as can be, so am not attached to Postgres…that was just the first thing that seemed to work, be better than MySQL, and I saw it in your docs, so went that way.

I’d be more than happy to use the Hypi backend, especially if I can get my head around SaveAs, because I understand that might write my JSON from APIs directly to the Hypi database.

I will still have some PG dbs around, so am happy to do testing.

Perfect, then Hypi’s low-code should be a good fit for your use case.

We’ll send you an invite for the PG offering.

I’ll follow up with you on the specifics via your existing private support mails rather than the split conversation here.