Introducing Vue.js support for Hypi CLI

It’s been a very short time since we announced the availability of the Hypi CLI as part of our effort to support our developers wherever they’re working. Continuing down this path, today I’d like to announce that Hypi CLI now supports Vue.js

We went all out and have added support for both Vue 2 and 3!
You can see an example of using Vue.js 3 composition API here GitHub - hypi-universe/hypi-cli-vuejs3-composition-api-example and Vue.js 2 smart query example here GitHub - hypi-universe/hypi-cli-vuejs2-smart-queries-example .

We’ve also included a live demo app using these in our previous posts available at and

We are looking forward to your feedback and hope the new addition helps save you and your team even more time when using Vue.js with Hypi.

Stay tuned for more features and announcements coming up!

A big shout out and thanks to @eman who has lead development of the Hypi CLI.