Hypi Tink’s no code way to build apps

With the advent of no code, writing tons of lines of code is unnecessary to build an App. Hypi Tink simply emphasizes this by providing a robust no code platform.

No code way to build apps has promises to keep. Hypi Tink’s no code platform simply wants to take app development on to the next level with the power of no code. No code app development with Hypi Tink is easy, effortless, and simple!

Why no code

Programming has performed wonders in the modern world. Many of the latest stuff like online shopping, banking, social media are driven by the power of programming. For many of us, building a website, or creating an app to run a business seems like a herculean task. But no code app development has the ability to change this perspective. No code has opened the world of app development to non-programmers.

Without knowing a programming language, everyone can put their ideas in app mode with ease. Obstacle of knowing technologies has been removed. This makes app development quicker and easier.

Why Hypi Tink

Hypi Tink’s no code platform provides a robust user interface to develop apps faster in a visual way. It’s super easy drag and drop feature allows users to create futuristic frontends. One can add text, color, call-to-action buttons, images, and more to the frontends.

Frontend designed using Hypi is connected to Hypi’s low code backend to provide end-to-end app building support. Hypi’s low code database is a Backend as a Service (BaaS) that provides data storage needed for the app development.

Features of Hypi Tink

Apart from designing frontends and connecting it to backend, one can create user stories to capture end user perspectives. User stories are implemented using data models. Data models are an essential part of designing apps. One can design data models to save data for various widgets on the frontend.

Logic binding helps to transfer data from one widget to another. It automates the required processes to be built within an app.

Hypi Tink facilitates quicker mobile or web app development. One can publish the apps in the marketplace quite easily.

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