Hypi CLI's OpenWhisk integration and more in release 0.4.0

In this article, We will explain and demonstrate how to invoke openwhisk from the Hypi CLI GitHub - hypi-universe/cli: Hypi CLI
hypi wsk command allows you to invoke the OpenWhisk(wsk) command to perform serverless functions

You have to be logged so that you can perform the wsk command

Please check the following link to see how you can use the hypi cli on a react example

hypi wsk configure
Before start usng the wsk commands you should run this comamnd to configure openwhisk to point towards Hypi’s API endpoint and provide associated authentication credentials.

When you run this command, the following command will be executed to configure openwhisk

wsk property set --apihost "https://fn.hypi.app" --auth "<InstanceDomain\>:<Auth_Key>"InstanceDomain : the domain from instance.yaml
Auth_Key : user access token

**Note**If you type for examplehypi wsk -h`, if the Openwhisk is not installed in your machine, the cli will ask for your permission want to install the openwhisk in your machine
if you chose to install openwhisk, the openwhisk will be installed in your machine and then the command result will be displayed


Display wsk help
hypi wsk -h
Create action
hypi wsk action create hello hello.js
Invoke action
hypi wsk action invoke hello –result

and you call all wsk commands the same way.