How to remove a link between two objects using the unlink function

We know how to create a link between objects.

unlink function removes a link between two objects. The link can be a one-to-one reference or a one-to-many reference.

Let’s see how to use the unlink function.

We will use the same schema from the previous post.

type OldObject {
    field1: String 
type NewObject {
    fld1: String
    fld2: OldObject
    fld3: [OldObject]
  • unlink function has the below signature.
  • from and to fields indicate the data types to remove a link
  • via is the field of data type ‘to’ in the data type ‘from’
  • whereFromID and andToID are the of the objects to be unlinked.

Sample Query

Now we will unlink the objects using the unlink function

mutation {
    from: NewObject
    to: OldObject
    via: "fld2"
    whereFromID: "01FHZM6G4P3N7AARH85755VX0X"
    andToID: "01FHZM11Q6MG3NKVR8D14QGKFH"
  "data": {
    "unlink": true


The function returns true if the unlinking is successful otherwise false.

Query with Variables

mutation unlinkObjects(
  $from: HypiMutationType!
  $to: HypiMutationType!
  $via: String!
  $whereFromID: String!
  $andToID: String!
) {
    from: $from
    to: $to
    via: $via
    whereFromID: $whereFromID
    andToID: $andToID
#query variables
  "from": "NewObject",
  "to": "OldObject",
  "via": "fld3",  
  "whereFromID": "01FHZM6G4P3N7AARH85755VX0X",
  "andToID": "01FHZM11Q9C03SJK1XM9SK603R"

Check the POSTMAN collection for the unlink requests in different programming languages! Click </> and choose the programming language of your choice.

Don’t forget to insert your own Authorization key and Hypi Domain under Headers to test the results!
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