How to mark fields as deprecated using @deprecated directive

In the previous post, we have seen how to check a valid email address using @email directive.

Now we will see how to mark fields as deprecated using @deprecated directive.

Again a brief info on Hypi Directives:

  • Hypi directives help to customise the behaviour of the data fields.
  • @ character depicts the Hypi directive. It is followed by a series of characters.
  • A directive may have a list of optional named arguments.
  • Disable directive by adding # in front of it.

Let’s check the @deprecated directive!

directive @deprecated(
      reason: String = "No longer supported"
  • Use the @deprecated directive to mark a field which is no longer required.
  • A reason for deprecation has to be included.
  • Use Markdown syntax to format the reason.
  • If you use the field in any query, the field gets highlighted with a popped up message having the reason for deprecation.

In the below example, field1 has been marked as deprecated.

type DirectiveObj {
  field1 : Int @deprecated(reason: "No longer used")