How to implement User Defined Functions using upsert API

In the previous post, we have seen implementing User defined functions using Velocity.

You may also use UDFs to call CRUD APIs, Authentication APIs, Maths APIs etc.
Let’s check how to use upsert API to create/update data using User Defined Function.


Here is a addStudentData function to create data for a Student Information System.

type Mutation {
  addStudentData(a: String, b: DateTime, c: String, d: String, e:Int, f: String,g: String, h:String):Json
  @tan(type:Groovy, inline: """return upsert([
          StudentInformation: [
             name: a,
             dob: b,
             standard: c,
             division: d,
             contact: e,
                 door: f,
                 street: g,
                 city: h

type StudentInformation {
    name : String
    dob: DateTime
    address: Address
    standard: String
    division: String
    contact: Int

*** Address is a core data type.

  • There is a slight change of syntax for the upsert function. Since it is written in Groovy, we have used square brackets instead of curly brackets.
  • StudentInformation field values are passed on as UDF parameters to create data objects.
  • To update data, pass as an additional parameter.

Let’s execute the function.

  addStudentData(a:"XYZ", b: "2011-05-07", c:"VII", d: "A", e:897675786, f: "23", g: "3A Old Street",h:"New Delhi")
  "data": {
    "addStudentData": [
        "__typename": "Hypi",
        "id": "01FQK4H4SSPAGDB289PMB96SF1",
        "impl": null,
        "created": "2021-12-23T07:54:15Z",
        "updated": "2021-12-23T07:54:15Z",
        "trashed": null,
        "createdBy": "01FQDY5XDRQPERKPCWAWYDFV7W",
        "instanceId": "01FQDYDP8681299EXZBWJXRX2Y",
        "tags": null