How to implement User Defined Functions using untrash API

In the previous post, we have seen implementing User defined functions using trash API.
Let’s check how to use the untrash API to bring back data from trash using the User Defined Function.


We will again use the StudentInformation type from the previous post.
Here is a untrashStudentInfo function to withdraw a Student record marked as trash. It uses the untrash API to trash the details.

type Mutation {
untrashStudentInfo( type: HypiMutationType! arcql: String! ): Int! @tan(type:Groovy, inline: """return untrash(type, arcql)""")

*** Use of the StudentInformation object as one of the UDF parameters.

Let’s execute the function.

mutation {
  untrashStudentInfo(type:StudentInformation,arcql: "'01FQNKWHFY409AG458YCQ36RV9'")
  "data": {
    "untrashStudentInfo": 1