How to delete unwanted data permanently

If you want to delete the data permanently, use the delete function.

Now, let’s see how to use the delete function.

  • The delete function deletes the records altogether. The records cannot be retrieved later.
  • arcql parameter is used to select the records using the ArcQL query statement.
    delete(type: HypiMutationType!, arcql: String!,clearArrayReferences:Boolean=false): Int!
  • Maximum 25 records can be deleted in one request
  • clearArrayReferences is false by default. It has to be set while deleting the object arrays or the objects with one-to-many references.

Just like the previous posts, we will work with the same ReadObject data type here. We will see how to delete object arrays in a separate post.

type ReadObject {
   field1: String
   field2: Int

Sample Query

mutation {
  delete(type: ReadObject, arcql: " = '01FGXSXWZDD62D68EJSD186NTP'")
  "data": {
    "delete": 1


The delete function returns the number of records deleted.

Query with Variables

mutation deleteObject(
  $type: HypiMutationType!
  $arcql: String!
  $clearArrayReferences: Boolean = false
) {
    type: $type
    arcql: $arcql
    clearArrayReferences: $clearArrayReferences
#query variables
  "type": "ReadObject",
  "arcql": " = '01FGXSXWZDRWZE2X9ZGH7Y7103'",
  "clearArrayReferences": false

Please note query variables has the form of JSON.
Check the POSTMAN collection for the delete requests in different programming languages! Click </> and choose the programming language of your choice.

Don’t forget to insert your own Authorization key and Hypi Domain under Headers to test the results!

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