How does the Hypi object work?

Hypi object gets added automatically to an object whenever the new object gets created. It is used to track the created objects/records.


  • It holds the ID of the object.
  • It stores the date of creation, date of updating of the object.
  • It tells us the ID of the user who created the object.
  • It saves the ID of the app instance which created and owns the object

Most of the information stored in the Hypi object is needed at some point in time whenever you work with the object.


type Hypi {

Hypi ID (

  • is the unique ID that gets automatically created when an object gets created.
  • Use the generated by Hypi. However, in exceptional cases, you may define your own ID.
  • is needed to update the object.
  • It is used to find the object data in the ArcQL query.

Hypi impl (hypi.impl)

  • An app may consist of Interfaces. hypi.impl stores the name of the implementation of an interface
  • The mutation on an interface will fail if you don’t specify the impl value.