Email field is not unique

hello hypi…
predefined email field in Account table in not unique…
when i register again with same email. i got a success message .and the email will associate with latest account

this was intentional.
Customers have had trouble with this because they didn’t expect it to work this way however so we’re looking at how to best address the issue. I’ll reply here when I have an update on this early next week.

we’ve discussed this and a solution has been proposed. Let me explain first why this was done like this.

In Hypi you register your realm and create apps in it. From an app you create one or more instances which do not share data by default. A user created in one instance can register with another. This was the primary motivation for allowing the same email to be used twice.

We’ve reviewed the usage of this however and found that only a handful of users are using it this way. We’ve contacted everyone using it and it turns out that all except two intended to create duplicate accounts.

We’ve therefore decided that this feature is not used very much and we will start enforcing one email per account within the same instance (you will still be able to create another account in another instance with the same email).

We’ve offered alternatives for providing access via authorisation (

This work has been added to our backlog and we expect it to be complete and tested in the next two weeks.

Quick update on this. The team has made this change available. It’s been enabled on your account (as per our call). Future instances will have this enabled.