ArcQL filtering - issue with geo function

I am getting an error when passing negative decimal number for longitude and latitude coordinates.
Example of arcql variable:
“arcql”: “geo(0.6591528820000001,-2.1353119410000003,40,‘latitude’,‘longitude’)”

Response error message:
Exception while fetching data (/find) : io.hypi.arc.os.gql.HypiGraphQLException: filter:[1,23] Syntax error - extraneous input ‘-’ expecting {DECIMAL, HEX, OCT, BINARY, FLOAT, HEX_FLOAT}

Thank you

Thanks for reporting the issue, it was due to our parser not supporting negative numbers for the geo query, this has now been fixed and patched in production so try again.

Actually, due to a global outage with our cloud provider OVH our releases this morning have been delayed (so this fix has not in production yet. We’ll update again once it is).

See where we’re keeping everyone up to date.

karenhov can you test if this issue is now fixed for you. The network issues with the OVH is resolved and our deployments are going out again. This patch is live.

Thank you, I will definitely let you know once I check it today

just fixed, it works perfect. Thanks for help!