Announcing Hypi Hackathon

We are very excited to announce the first Hypi community hackathon!

Starting on January 18, this contest will be an opportunity to earn community bragging rights, build impactful projects with Hypi, and win a sweet cash prize. Hypi has some of the most powerful APIs for developing lowcode & serverless cloud applications and API services. We are really looking forward to seeing what everyone in the community creates.

The Hypi APIs

You are allowed to use any of the Hypi APIs in your project. You’re likely already familiar with conventional CRUD APIs and services, but you might not know that we have a bunch of other awesome APIs and services you can leverage for your submission.

You’re very welcome to submit any project demonstrating the APIs’ capability, and we’re also excited to review and reward entries that leverage multi-Tenancy Applications and API services, Mobile and Network-Centric Applications and Business Process Management Applications (BPM) and Dashboards.


COVID-19 Communications: an app to help our community to communicate during this challenging time, either to stay connected or to help resolve COVID-19 related challenges.
Examples: Social interaction apps especially for elderly, remote education tools, distribution of supplies to those in need, telemedicine
Encouraging Engagement: an app that a company could implement to better engage with their customers or to manage their business.
Examples: dashboard and analytics, fleet management, account notifications, and more – get more ideas from the Hypi website
Interesting Integrations: an app that integrates Hypi with at least one other API (through the API Gateway or via Serverless functions).
The X-Factors: an innovative or unexpected app that doesn’t necessarily fit any of the above categories, but is a clear winner nonetheless.

What is the Hypi Platform?

The Hypi Platform helps you build your applications quickly and with fewer distractions. With it, you can focus your effort on your frontend user experience, while reducing waste, optimising performance, and maximising development effort.

Learn more about the Platform here, read the docs here, and find some tutorials here.


Gold Package:

  • $500 USD cash prize
  • 1 year of Hypi Launch Cloud plan for 1 app instance
  • Your project showcased on, with a winner badge
  • DEV “Hypi Hackathon” winner badge
  • The option to join the Hypi partner network

Bronze Package:

  • $300 cash prize
  • Your project showcased on
  • DEV “Hypi Hackathon” runner-up badge
  • Silver Package:

$200 Cash prize

  • DEV “Hypi Hackathon” participation badge
  • Regardless of whether or not you win, your project may be showcased on!

How To Participate

In order to submit a valid project, please follow the submission process and rules closely.
How to submit

  1. Join the Hypi Developer community by registering here on
  2. Post a comment on this thread - simply saying “I’m in” or letting us know what you plan to build
  3. Document your project journey along the way with the #Hypithon progress.
  4. Submit your project as a post using this suggested template with the #Hypithon Entry tag. Please be sure to include the code repository in the post. Embedded live demos, screenshots, and code snippets are also encouraged!

Additional Rules

  • Your code must be hosted publicly. We prefer GitHub but if you’re using another host (i.e. GitLab, BitBucket), please be sure to include the GitHub username you used to join the community somewhere in your submission
  • Your repository must have a README with clear setup instructions.
  • Your code must be licensed with a permissive license (i.e. MIT, Apache, BSD-2, BSD-3, or Commons Clause)
  • Your project should not have security vulnerabilities or violate security best practices (i.e. hard coded credentials, plain text passwords)
  • Your code cannot violate Hypi’s Terms of Service
  • By making a submission, you agree to the Code of conduct, Hypi contest terms, Hypithon Post terms.

Community Support

The Hypi team will be available to help anyone who runs into issues or has questions related to the API. You can reach the Hypi team by leaving a comment here on this discussion thread or using the Hypithon Help thread.

The Hypi team will be available to help anyone who runs into issues or has questions related to the API. You can reach the Hypi team by leaving a comment here on this discussion thread or using the Hypithon Help thread.

Finally, we have a Hypithon progress thread where you can share your ideas and gather feedback as you begin making progress on your submission. We encourage you to share your progress along the way to generate more excitement and benefit from additional community feedback suggestions!

Important Links

Hypithon Entry
Hypithon Progress
Hypithon Winner badge
Hypithon Runner up badge
Hypithon Participant badge

We hope you have fun, learn some new things, and build something you’re proud of; we can’t wait to see what you build. Happy coding!!
Happy Coding!

I’m in, I’m in, I’m in.

I’m in, I’m in, I’m in.

I’m in, I’m in, I’m in.